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Ferroalloys based on Silicon

Silicon alloys are alloys of silicon and iron, eventually of other elements and are used for deoxidation, alloying, as an inoculants for carbon, alloy, or stainless steel production.…

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Ferroalloys based on Manganese

Manganese alloys are alloys of iron and manganese as an alloying element and are used in foundry and steel sectors for steel deoxidation and desulphurization.…

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OFZ, a. s. is the diversified manufacturer of ferroalloys in Central Europe.

The history of company is dated back to the year 1952, when first ferroalloys were manufactured in Slovakia.

Today, the company manufactures and offers to its customers a wide range of manganese and silicon ferroalloys, namely FeMnC, FeMnMC, FeSiMn, FeSi 45%, FeSi 65%, FeSi 75%, FeSiCa. In addition to bulk ferroalloys, OFZ, a.s. also manufactures cored wires with the fillers of CaSi, S, C, CaFe, CaFeAl, Ti, FeSi.

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